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Subscription to hosts feed

To start getting new hostnames from I2P Name Registry, add one of these subscription links to your i2p router:

i2pd router instructions

In the i2pd.conf:

defaulturl = http://joajgazyztfssty4w2on5oaqksz6tqoxbduy553y34mf4byv6gpq.b32.i2p/export/alive-hosts.txt

java router instructions

  1. Add I2P Name Registry destination to the addressbook
  2. Go to the router's addressbook
  3. Add subscription link listed before

Jump service

I2P Name Registry also provides a jump service. For accessing hosts through it, use urls like http://inr.i2p/jump/example.i2p

Java I2P since 0.8.3 gives possibility to add a custom jump-servers. Go to the i2ptunnel eeproxy configuration page http://inr.i2p/jump/ to "Jump URL List" section.