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How we are learning about new hosts

  1. Pulling from external sources:
    • http://reg.rus.i2p/public/a-hosts.txt
    • http://stats.i2p/cgi-bin/newhosts.txt
    • http://no.i2p/export/alive-hosts.txt
  2. Adding through our service.

Publishing requirements

To get published a host must meet the following criteria:

Admin's approval isn't really necessary, it is only needed in order to eliminate possible hijacking and mass registration attempts.


Hosts gets checked for availability every 12 hours. If the host is alive, registration period prolongated 1 month. Until this period ends, hosts are published in our hosts.txt.

When a host has expired, its name/key pair will be keept for 2 years but will not be published any longer. Until this period ends, it's impossible to register this hostname again.

Deletion of expired hosts

Hosts expired 2 years ago get completely deleted from our database and become available for a new registration.

Deletion of dead hosts

If a host was added from an external source and we've never seen it alive, it will be deleted after 1 year since its adding date, and after 14 days if it is was added through our registration service. Since these hosts were not published through our service, we only grant them such a short grace period.